Danstanmart – who is this?

You are certainly familiar with the ideas of sustainable development. Among its basics is minimal resources consumption, low energy mobility, or clean tech.

You probably have heard about Corporate Social Responsibility as well. It promotes new standards in respectful behaviour of corporations and organizations towards their staff.

You may have come across the idea of out of the box thinking. Simply speaking, it refers to the capacity to see the obvious where others do not.

Out of the box thinking enables you to understand that the staff is the most valuable asset of a company. In its individual diversity and group intelligence it should be its main capital. Reality is different. How many have become too old at 40? This is where true Corporate Social Responsibility begins.

Out of the box thinking also is the best way to sustainable development. Only long-term commitment in mutual respect will allow us to think further. All too often the question about our future is limited to vehicles and gadgets. What we have to change is our attitudes.

Spiritusnovus aspires to bring together people like you who love out of the box thinking and who wish to incubate ideas.

I am still a freshman in the art of blogging. So please become my teachers.

Who am I? What is more important: My person or my ideas shared with you? For the time being, move on to LinkedIn if you are interested.

Daniel Stanislaus Martel

or danstanmart to keep things simple


Danstanmart – qui est-ce?

Vous avez adopté les principes du développement durable, n’est-ce pas?

LinkedIn pour mieux me connaître.

Hallo Welt. Daniel Stanislaus Martel ist mein Name. Ich habe soeben herausgefunden, dass die beste Art und Weise, meine Ideen für eine bessere und gerechtere Welt zu verbreiten, mein eigenes Netzjournal ist. Bald werden Sie mehr über mich erfahren. Für den Moment verweise ich Sie auf LinkedIn.


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